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7 Kitchen Trends You Need To Try in 2023

The kitchens are at the center of every home, and their relationship to other rooms in the house is making trends more popular. However, the kitchen design is focused on enhancing the functionality and appearance that suits your preference and lifestyle. Trends change faster than we thought, and it is essential to note that cabinet colors and granite countertops were trends in the previous year.

Based on a study by Houzz, more than 42% of the 2,380 homeowners confirmed that they will renovate their homes, and kitchen remodeling is their top priority. However, you do not want to be left behind in 2023, and these are some of the trends you should follow to make your kitchen a more beautiful place to prepare your meals.

You can use several upgrades to improve your kitchen’s aesthetics and make it look more attractive. It does not matter if you want to do a major remodel or a simple remodel; let’s explore trends that will inspire you to make your kitchen a more beautiful place to cook delicious meals.

Use Flat-Panel Cabinet Doors

Recently, more homeowners are embracing minimal kitchen cabinets for remodeling projects. Shaker-style cabinet doors with a flat center panel and a frame around the edges are trendy kitchen gadgets. More homeowners are using these flat-panel doors, and it will be a brilliant idea for homeowners to follow this trend.

If you are thinking of hardware trends, go for sleek and minimal designs. More homeowners prefer the bar pulls to other options, such as cup pulls and knobs.

Energy-Efficient Features

Using sustainable features for kitchen renovation projects is intelligent regarding kitchen remodeling trends. These include LED bulbs, water-efficient fixtures, energy efficient windows, and energy-efficient appliances. Homeowners prefer to use features that do not require them to update from time to time, and more of them are going for timeless designs.

Using energy-efficient features and timeless design helps save resources in the long run. It is a cost-effective approach that ensures homeowners do not spend much money renovating their kitchens. The features are also considered friendly to the environment, which is a welcome development.

Use of Wood Cabinets

The color of your cabinet is an essential factor in your kitchen remodeling project. Interestingly, more homeowners are embracing white cabinets for their newly renovated kitchens.

On the other hand, natural wood-tone cabinets are becoming more popular recently. Dark and medium-tone wood are also excellent choices for most homeowners who want to upgrade their kitchen.

Inclusion of Electronic Gadgets

Including technology in the kitchen is a good idea, and more homeowners are embracing the concept for their kitchens. For instance, kitchen remodeling projects have incredible aesthetic upgrades, including under cabinet lights, docking stations, and wireless speakers.

More homeowners are installing faucets with sophisticated features such as touch-free or touch-only activation and water efficiency. Other features are smartphone controls as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

Recessed Lights

Have you ever heard of recessed lights? They are one of the newest additions that you should consider for your kitchen in 2023. Recessed lights and under-cabinet lights are trendy gadgets that most homeowners embrace.

Open Layouts

More homeowners are open to the idea of making their kitchens more accessible to interior spaces, and a few homeowners are interested in opening their kitchens to the outdoors. However, open kitchen plans are getting more popular for kitchen remodeling projects.​ When opening kitchens to the outdoors, 46 percent of renovators did so with double doors or a row of doors, 29 percent of homeowners prefer one with a single door, while 14 percent prefer one with a pass-through window.

Reeded Glass

Reeded glass is making a comeback and can look fantastic on worktop dressers, glass cabinets, and baker’s tables. Incorporating this trend into your kitchen offers your kitchen space a contemporary twist and is perfect for your kitchen.

Inclusion of Marble

Marble can have an incredible effect on your kitchen. Including marble in kitchen design can radiate an unassuming and refined elegance to create a modern appearance. Natural marble has always been a constant figure in kitchen design, offering timeless appeal and luxury. Marble has a reputation for durability and is relatively easy to maintain. Natural marbles are unique when combined with colors and tones to create an incredible look for your kitchen.

Freestanding Furniture

Trends such as freestanding furniture are excellent features for kitchen remodeling designs. The demand for freestanding pieces is on an exponential rise, as they are considered to be an upgrade from traditional furniture settings. These freestanding pieces are incredible features that ooze a new life into your kitchen.

Moroccan Tiles - Inspired Trend

The Moroccan tiles have become a variation of modern kitchen tiles that have become the trendy talk of the town that most homeowners embrace for kitchen renovation. Moroccan kitchen tiles have revolutionized the look and feel of many homes, including their kitchens in Washington, D.C.

Moroccan tiles for kitchen add a dramatic flair to your space, instantly exuding striking visual appeal. They’re trendy yet able to carry on over time. Moroccan tiles can amp up the look of your kitchen, and a touch or two of this Moroccan-inspired trend in your kitchen renovation won’t ever go awry! Plus, Moroccan tiles for the kitchen can instantly transform your kitchen space into a glamorous retreat that will keep your kitchen space on point.

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