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Building a deck is a substantial investment that can add value to a home. It is important to choose the right company that is professional, trustworthy, and experienced.


With the expertise and skills of our professionals at J&E Modern Construction LLC, we can help you create of the backyard deck of your dreams! Do you currently have a deck that needs to be revamped? Is your backyard open and you would like to add a deck the back of your home?

As a reputable player in the home improvement and remodeling industry, we can assist you with the installation of a beautiful deck that benefits all of your backyard needs.


Serving Maryland and Washington D.C

J&E provides you with premium service, quality installation, and 100% customer satisfaction when you require deck installation or renovation services for your home. 

We are committed to helping you maintain beautiful scenery, and add immense value to your property. 

There are many varieties to choose from to create the deck you want. We are proficient with lumber and composite deck installation. Rest assured, we have the competence to provide you with the best services and the experience needed to deliver the deck of your dreams!

Why Remodel Your Deck?

Deck projects can vary from house to house. Each project has a specific set of requirements and challenges due to the environment of the backyard. With rich experience, J&E has deep knowledge in and experience with building a multitude of different types of decks.

Sometimes your budget can be a factor when deciding the type of deck you would like. Other times you can be completely free of your budget and purchase the exact materials you want.

Whether your project is strict on budget or not, we have seen it all when it comes to decks! Our knowledge is truly second to none. 

So, whether you are in need of  a simple backyard deck, a renovated deck, or a complex multi-level installation, we can honestly make your dreams come true.

Why Choose J&E Modern Construction

We break down the process each step of the way so our Clients are informed and apart of the renovation project.

We proudly stand behind our work. Once you invest in us, we are invested in you.

J&E is referred by homeowners throughout Washington D.C & Maryland, as shown in our Google Reviews.

We work tirelessly throughout the renovation and installation process to provide nothing less than top-notch work that maintains budget, schedule, and quality.


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