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Lead Based Paint service is one of the major services that we render for the benefit of our customers. Lead Based Paint is renowned for its hazardous nature, and presently not used for the production. However, its presence in homes and other properties can be controlled with the expertise of our professionals to keep your space safe. J&E Modern Construction LLC is licensed by the EPA as an RRP, and we are certified to perform lead based paint services which also include repairs, renovation, and painting.

This service is recommended for families with kids as children are more susceptible to lead than adults. Exposure to lead can cause nervous system issues for children and inhibit their growth. You can speak to us at J&E Modern Construction LLC for your lead paint project and we will be glad to assist you in Washington D.C and Maryland.

We have an experienced team of professionals that can provide homeowners with the necessary assistance with their lead paint project, and eliminate risks to the health of the homes in Maryland and Washington D.C.

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