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The 21st century is here, and it is the best time to take advantage of the recent advancements to make your life comfortable. Your home should be upgraded with exciting features such as control systems for your light fixtures, heat, air conditioning and other sections in your abode. J&E is the best smart home setup company to assist you with the smart home automation services as we are the experts in the provision of reliable AV installation services. Our competence and experience in the industry has earned us the bragging rights to meet the unique needs of our clients in Washington D.C and Maryland.

Looking for a Washington DC Smart Home service provider to help you with the automation of your home where you can conveniently operate your light, video, security and music systems with your smart phone, touch panel or keypad? We can help you with the smart home automation services with our team of professionals.

It is the responsibility of all homeowners to ensure the safety and security of their properties and occupants. At J&E, we are specialists in the delivery of residential video camera installation services to ensure a round-the-clock surveillance service for your property. We are also experts in the delivery of commercial integration of your electronic system to ensure a proper management of technology used for your business activities. This entails provision of advanced lighting, audio, video, alarm systems, and HVAC systems for your business to deliver a fantastic experience for your brand.

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